Bang and Olufsen: Setting up the BeoSound Edge | UPHE - UPHE Com Redeem

By Gavin | November 26, 2018

Here's how to get started and operate your new BeoSound edge launch bang & Olufsen app on your smartphone. Add BeoSound edge from the list of products, first select the placement for your BeoSound edge floor stand or wall bracket, this post shows the setup of the BeoSound edge floor stand.

You'll find a key and four screws in the packaging, place your speaker on something soft like a rug, and screw the bracket onto the bottom of the speaker, plug the power cable into the socket at the base of the speaker. Then pull the rubber connector over to fill the gap, place the rubber cover over the electronics well to conceal wires and cables line. The first cover-up with the speaker, then press around the edges until you feel the knobs pop into place, repeat on the opposite side.

Now it's time to power your speaker on when you connected the BeoSound edge to the mains supply the light will flash white, while the product is starting up when the light changes to orange and a sound prompt is heard, the product is ready to be set up digitally. Follow the steps to connect to Wi-Fi, name the product and set up in the Google home app. 

Once the setup is finished you will be directed back to the Bang & Olufsen app for finishing touches, optimize the sound according to the placement of the speaker, use the directional sound control to define the direction, the sound radiates and create different acoustical fronts. You can customize your speaker settings further via Bang & Olufsen app and always come back and change the settings later.

The basic setup is now complete, you are now ready to play music. When approaching the Beosound edge the intelligent user interface appears and disappears after use during playtime, you can use the connect button to pause and play music. When in standby mode press the connect button to join your multi-room setup, when playing music you can double press the connect button to change the source in a multi-room setup, roll to turn the volume up, roll to turn the volume down. 

You can navigate between tracks using the next and previous buttons, Bluetooth is enabled after Wi-Fi is set up. Simply go to Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, and select BeoSound edge, the connectivity indicator will turn solid blue. When Bluetooth pairing successful, you are now ready to play music. Beosound edge gives you the ultimate freedom in how you play music, Beosound Edge has chrome cast built-in and airplay to connect different speakers into one system using your preferred ecosystem or bio link multi-room, use your favorite music service or app to stream to the speaker, you are now ready to play music.